Trax Re-edited: The Original Chicago House Label Reborn

Virgo 4 - "Take Me Higher" (Ray Mang re-edit)
Farley Jackmaster Funk - "Farley Knows House" (PPF Jack For Daze dub)
Frankie Knuckles - "It's A Cold Cold World" (Hotel Motel re-edit)
Adonis - "We're Rockin' Down The House" (Toby Tobias & Hardway Bros re-edit)
Mr Fingers - "Washing Machine" (Swag's Ariston re-edit)
Master C&J - "Dub Love" (Mark Broom retouch)
Ralphi Rosario - "You Used To Hold Me" (feat Xavier Gold - Justin Harris Respectful redo)
Willie Wonka - "What Is House" (Andy Blake re-edit)
Jack Frost - "Clap Me" (Kink Cover version)
Jamie Principle - "Waiting On My Angel" (Leftside Wobble re-edit)
Virgo - "R U Hot Enough" (R&R&S re-edit)
Frankie Knuckles - "Baby Wants To Ride" (feat Jamie Principle - Bubba & T Bone's Still Believing re-edit)
Kevin Irving - "Children Of The Night" (Disco Bloodbath re-edit)
Mr Fingers - "Can You Feel It" (John Daly re-edit)
Mr Lee - "Pump Up Chicago" (JD Twitch re-edit)
Pierre's Pfantasy Club - "Fantasy Girl" (Bleepfunk's acid Sweatbox remix)
Spanky - "Acid Bass" (Neville Watson re-edit)
Ron Hardy - "Sensation" (Richard Sen re-edit)
Robert Owen's - "Bring Down The Walls" (Leo Zero re-edit)
Adonis - "No Way Back" (Greg Wilson re-edit)
Master C&J - "Face It" (Leftside Wobble re-edit)


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