Surround Around Sound @ B52


After 40 days in the wilderness (47 by my reckoning, actually), DISCO CIRC is back to redeem mankind. I don’t want to draw any potentially blasphemous parallels here – I’m not saying I’m the Messiah or anything (that’s for others to decide, not me) but it shall verily be proclaimed from the rooftops that this Thursday night is going to be a big, fat, dirty party of U-bend-blocking proportions. We’ll be having a right royal knees up at B52, with the boys from Surround Arround Sound to jump-start the party, rather like a Lada Niva with a flat battery…

Surround Arround Sound are the newest of newcomers to Bucharest’s DJ scene, and rather worryingly sound better than most veterans. They spin everything from deep Disco to Balearic house, and have an enthusiasm for digging out old classics that puts the likes of me to shame. Last time they played Disco Circ, this three-man DJ tag-team managed to pack the place until about six in the morning, so take Friday off work, put on some lycra cycling shorts, white gloves and a smiley face tee-shirt, and get ready to pretend it’s 1989 all over again."
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