Duffstep - Backseat (Duff Disco Remix)

Caribou - Sun

Agoria - All I Need

Fuck YEAH!

Motivators - Jobu (Reverso 68 Remix)

The Garden 1

Josh Wink - How's The Music

Norrit - You Were Just Callin

Come on summer!

Karl Spackler-Sayulita-Mixtape

1) DJ Disse - Walk On The Wild Side
2) Cantoma - Maja
3) Studio - Life's A Beach (Prins Thomas Mix)
4) Dutch Rhythm Combo - Cartagenera (Ray Mang Remix/Instrumental)
5) Dan Black - Symphonies - Duff Disco Remix
6) Vasco Rossi - Una Splendida Giornatta (Nassau Balearic Edit)
7) Tatsuro Yamashita - Dub Talkin' - (Beat Broker Dub Mix)
8) Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On - (Petkovski ReEdit)
9) Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It - (Lord Of The Isles Re-shape)
10) DJ Disse - Walk On The Wild Side (Acoustic Dub)

Gerd - Arkest's Blaze

Denis A - Ahnenerbe (Nikitin remix)

Trickski - In Love Mix

Hector - La Buena Onda

Nikola Gala - The Pump

Mario Basanov - Caribean Girl (Ilya Santana Remix)

Flight Facilities - Crave You ft. Giselle (The C90s Remix)

John Talabot - Matilda's Dream

6th Borough Project - Stratus Quo

Culture Beat - Der Erdbeermund

The Backwoods - Sunstream/Midnight Run

Space Ranger - Herbal Cake (The Revenge Rubdown)

6th Borough Project - Slow Down Baby

Sweet Slave -DO I DO by Dirt Crew

Before Dirt Crew was born there was some intense deep house groove experimented on. Experiment successful / thumbs up / free copy / ain't life fucking grand!

Surround Around Sound - Gangbangu' de weekend

Here's the first recorded half of our last week's Groove On radio mix

1. Mustang - The Cockatoos
2. Golden Bug - Flamingo (Pete Herbert Remix)
3. The Revenge - Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands
4. Bottin - Theme From St. Mark
5. Rezkar - Above The Clouds (Mystery Boy Edit With John Daly Beats)
6. Marius - Jet Set (Ray Mang's Bonus Beats)
7. Nick Chacona - The Fear (Beg To Differ Remix)
8. Tensnake - Get It Right
9. Sean Brosnan - Sat Jam (Ray Mang Remix)
10. Chmmr - Love Will Lead You Back
11. Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit (Pete Herbert Remix)
12. The Beat Broker - Pacific Break (Reverso 68 Remix)
13. Ilija Rudman - Casual Joys (Jacques Renault Remix)

GiulioDj - Coco's Nuts (Social Disco Club Remix)

Space Dimension Controller - Unidentified Flying Oscillator

Outer space.

A time after the past and before the future, a rogue astro bandit named Jack Tiraquon has uncovered a relic from the long lost vaults of groove, floating freely in space.

The creator, known as Mr. 8040, is said to have been a high ranking Space Dimension Controller in the quadra-sector of the Tiraquon6 security barrier, but legend tells of Mr. 8040 occasionally losing his mind and breaking out in a frenzy of galactic funk. These frenzies were recorded and are now presented to you as the UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OSCILLATOR.

Free of charge.

14 tracks total.

Get your copy here

Nacho Patrol - Caravelle

Shu Okuyama & YOSA - Black Chanterelle

Rokolectiv 2010

Dan Deacon, Omar S, Move D, Dj Sprinkles, Legowelt pres. Nacho Patrol, Turzi, Syncom Data, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Sinner DC, Juju & Jordash, Nabaz'Mob - opera for 100 smart rabbits, Mount Kimbie & many more.

Uncredible Hack - April 2010 Mix

01 6th Borough Project - McLovin
02 6th Borough Project - How Can I Show You?
03 Messalina - Lectric Love (Lucci Capri Edit)
04 Session Victim - Even (Dub)
05 Social Disco Club - Down Town (Version 2)
06 The Mole - There's Hope
07 Session Victim - Tomorrow Night
08 Discodeine - Tema Di Gamma
09 Altz vs Mungolian Jetset - Epics & Donuts
10 Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind
11 Galaxy Toobin' Gang - Things Are Looking Up (Lee Douglas Remix)
12 Ilija Rudman - Dance Disorder (Faze Action Remix)
13 Ilija Rudman - Casual Joys
14 Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit (Pete Herbert Remix Part 1)
15 Chmmr - Man
16 Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate (Sanfuentes & Alex Thunder Version)
17 The Love Supreme - The Eternal
18 Chaz Jankel - Get Myself Together (Hercules Herchouse Mix)
19 Social Disco Club - Down Town (Version 1)
20 Hot Natured - Turning Tricks
21 Square One - Vesuvious (Justin Martin's I Hope It Doesn't Blow Mix)
22 B.D.I. - City & Industry (World Balloon Dub)
23 Messalina - California Style (Lucci Capri Edit)
24 Arnaud Le Texier - Perfumes Of Our Dead Times (It's 2 PM At Panorama Delete's Remix)
25 Nil By Mouth - Phalanges
26 Inxec - Alright
27 Solomun & Jackmate - Carnivale
28 Robag Wruhme Als Die Dub Rolle - Lampetee (Nick Curly Remix)
29 D'Julz - Ideas Are Fishes
30 M. Rahn - Leder
31 KiNK - Bitter Sweet (Original + Special Dub)
32 Der Dritte Raum - Luna Llena
33 Mr. C - Full Moon
34 Redshape - Dead Space (Next Door Ultra Dub) + Dead Space Mix (Edit)
35 Jori Hulkkonen - The Other Side Of Time
36 Joakim - Nebula Laughter

Ajello - Crystal Babe

Dustmotes - The Containment Sessions

Ooft - Some Like It Warm Mix

1. Rene & Angela - I Love you More (Mr K Instrumental)
2. Reset - Juiced (Recut)
3. Tornado Wallace - Be My Ladyboy
4. Daniel Solar - Got To See Her
5. Surround Sounds - Beyond The Dance (The Revenge Demo Mix)
6. Chamboche - Show Must Go On
7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Moving Through Clouds
8. OOFT! - Ride In To The Red Zone
9. Sascha Dive - Jus Groove
10. Denny Trajkov - Pacific Dream (OOFT! Remix)
11. Missing Linkx - A Short History Of...
12. Runaway - The Fire Below
13. OOFT! - Spanky Spanky
14. Rick Wilhite - What Do You See? (Moodymann Remix)
15. Josh Wink - Counter Clock 319 (Chateau Flight Remix)
16. Jovonn - Losin My Mind (Jon Cutlers Distant Music Dub)
17. Paul Du Lac - The House Of Spirits
18. Floating Points - Estian III

Motorcitysoul - Cipher (Jay Shepheard 2nd Remix)

Dj Minkymark April 2010 Mix

Deja Move – Master of seduction
Cantoma – Etoile
Monte La Rue – Turn off the lights
Cantoma – Cosmopole
D Pulse – Velocity of love
Brook Sapphire – So we start
Cantoma – Marisi
Elitechnique – Vesta vision
Ilya Santana – Lioness dream
Sorcerer – Ride the serpent
Prins Thomas – Uggebug
Lindstrom – Limitations
Betty Botox – Voodoo 1
Abel Nagentast – Hunting man
Social Disco Club – The way you move

Umi Rea - The Ball

Al Usher - Silverhum (John Talabot Wilderness Mix)

YOSA LIVE set March 10

Japan delivers a nice techno set!!!

Pional - In Another Room

The Golden Filter - Voluspa

One trippy video...

Future Beat Investigators - Lotus

As usual, check commets too :)

Phantom/Ghost - My Secret Europe (Piano Version)

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

Solomun - Black Rose (Trickski Remix)

Comments for treats ;)

Eddie C - Wonderful Dub

Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany - Highway (FCl Remix)

Madnus & Scogil - Carpet Volé

Groove On tonacht

Friday pre-goin'-out-'cause-it's-the-weekend party @ Groove on with Logan starting from 20.00 CET. Live audio&video streaming, tune in here.

Junkie XL - Made For Each Other (featuring Jan Hammer)

Trickski - The Warm Up (CB Funk Remix)

Been waiting for this like a kid waits for his new toy! YEAH!

Smith N Hack - Falling Stars

Repeat after me: fidget fidget fidget fidget HOUSE

Lee Curtiss - The Glow

Black Mustang - Kerrier District - Lifes A Gas (Dub)

Edit D'Algerie

Moodymann - Dem Young Sconies

Two Of China - Los Niños Del Parque

Ron Basejam - For The People, By The People

Populette: "Mommy"/"Daddy" 12"

Flight Facilities - Crave You ft. Giselle (An-2 Remix)

In Deep We Trust - Play With Me (Ilya Santana Remix)

Jamiroquai - Runaway Live from Abbey Road

Goin' commercial, buy hey it's J we're talkin' about and all the hard work that the OTHER people around him put in.

Cantoma - Gambara [Lexx Remix]

Phil Mison

Angie Stone - Pissed off

Gotta check out Cottam below

Cottam2-Side A

5:45 chills down ur spine

Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4 (Bogdan edit)

Balearische bliss

Disko Drunkards - Kookoo

Brothers' Vibe - My Cure

Kerri Chandler - Mommy What's A Record

Shit Robot - I Got A Feeling

The 2nd part is pure bliss

Riccio - Late Touch

Groovy thang

Ilija Rudman - Call Me (The Revenge 1-800-Remix)

Legend - The Journey (Dub Journey)

Acos Coolkas - Discotheque

Tony Allen - Ole (A Remix By Moritz von Oswald)

Cole Medina - Red Hot (The Mole's MMD mix)

RIP Malcolm McLaren

Gwen Guthrie - Hopscotch (Rotciv Re-edit)

Johnwaynes - Falling Leaves (Social Disco Club Remix)

Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (Petkovski ReEdit)

Joey Negro - Beyond The Dance (12'' Extended Mix)

Oh, you'll be hearing this throughout the summer

Kink - Bitter Sweet

Crazy P - Caught Up (Still Going Vocal Mix)

Tosca - Joe Si Ha (Spirit Catcher Version)

Farah - Gay Boy

This goes out to our good friend Iulian, here above

Josif - Chicago EP

Check comments for treats

Architeq feat. Ilija Rudman – Mind Games (Emperor Machine Dub)

Another brilliant remix by EM

Creatures Of Habit - How We Lustre

Pawel - Kramik

Valery Allington - Stop

Vicious Pink - Cccan't You See

John Legend - Ordinary People

Alzo & Udine - Something Going


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