Timmy Thomas - Why can't we live together 1973

Roberto Rodriguez - Darker Mix November 2010

01. Dave DK - Will Be Gone [Mood Music]
02. Robert Babicz - Chordy (Maetrik Remix) [Systematic]
03. Thomas Schumacher - You Got Me [Get Physical]
04. Tom Demac - Slip Slop Slap [murmur]
05. Dennis Ferrer - The Red Room (Kyle MF Hall MeMix) [Objektivity]
06. Mike Monday & Will Saul - Sequence 1 [Aus Music]
07. Marbert Rocel - Your Bed (Penner & Muder Remix) [Compost]
08. The Mole People - Break Night [Strictly Rhythm]
09. Tornado Wallace - Twirl And The Beanstalk [Delusions Of Grandeur]
10. Alexander Robotnick - Fischionovo (Louis Guilliaume Remix) [Hot Elephan Music]
11. Black Coffee feat. Thiwe - Crazy (Charles Webster Club Mix) [Foliage Records]

Wolf + Lamb Live @ Robot Heart, Burning Man - 2010

D - Pulse - Love mix

Lovebirds - Love & Happiness fade

Someday we're necessarily gonna open up for him

DJ Harvey - Essential Mix - 26-12-1999


M F S B - Love Is The Message [P I R]
Bohannon - Lets Start The Dance [Phase 2]
Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Boy [Easy Street]
Nightwriters - Let The Music Use You [Danica]
Orbital - Chime [Ozone]
Leftfield - Not Forgotten [Outer Rhythm]
Earth People - Reach Up To Mars [Underworld]
Earth People - Dance [Underworld]
Mass Order - Mass Order [white label]
2 From Jersey - So Special [Bass Boy]
Martha Wash - Carry On [R C A]
4 To The Bar - Slam Me [Gao]
Gemalotto - Seduction [Hartbeat]
Basement Boys - A Feelin [Azuli]
Double Exposure - Ten Percent [Salsoul]
Street Corner Sym - 5th Symphony [Open]
Delacy - Hideaway [Slip N Slide]
Salsoul - Rainbow [promo]
Jaydee - Plastic Dream [promo]
Moody Man - Black Mahogany [white label]
Mood I I Swing - Call Me [M F O E]
Isolee - Isolee [white label]
artist unknown - untitled [Shaboom test pressing]

hankat "be the first" (flip & simioni remix)

Bostro Pesopeo - Anantes EP

I know we've had a previous post with one of his releases but Bostro has an absolutely amazing hypnotic sound! Highly recomended Permanent Vacation release. Treats in comments

Arto Mwambe - Duster Fc

Treats in comments

PREMIERE: Loredana - Rain Rain(Minus Remix)

Our journalist friend, Vlad Stoian, over at Warmer Climes, decided to bring something he felt touched by out of the mainstream and make it shine! By his initiative(more to come we hope) over 50 remixez have reached the spotlight from various international and local producers, all for the romanian pop diva, Loredana. The whole 50 track compilation can be downloaded free from Vlad's blog starting November together with the official "Rain Rain" video. In the mean time, here's a sneak peak of the compilation, a remix done by Minus.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Erdbeerschnitzel - Suave

Pure Music Lovers podcast #02 with Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) 10-2010

1. Birdshell (6th Borough Shelltoe Mix) - Craig Bratley
2. Afternoon Of Faun - Walter Murphy
3. Time To Let You Down - Session Victim
4. Leanin' (Deetron Remix) - Randolph
5. Rise (Daz Dalton Edit) - Herb Alpert
6. Just A Bitter Love - The Dead Rose Music Co.
7. This Sound (Craig Bratley Dub) - Ooft
8. Alive (James Jonhston Junk Funk) - Duff Disco
9. Where Is The Compassion? - Small World Disco
10. You Used To Hold Me So Tight (Deep & Disco Version) - Thelma Huston
11. Make U Mine - Ooft
12. Tell Me (Tornado Wallace Remix) - Eddie C

The Heels Of Love feat Hard Ton - Crazy (Bubble Club remix)

Space Ranger - October Mix

Pol on 'Toga' Martin Dawson Mix

Zona lui Alex :)

Nude Society Set @ SubSol 22/10 - Fonotonic died at birth mix

It died, maaan

Sevensol & Bender - Scuba EP

Theo Parrish - Falling Up

Haules Baules - Nari

Out in December on wax.

Spirit Catcher - NEW ALBUM MINIMIX

Mesu Komuro Trio - Klezmer Samurai

Treats in comments

Oliver Koletzki & Fran - Echoes (Solomun Remix)

Jay Robertson - Me Realizo

Discreet Unit - Shake Your Body Down

surround around sound - who made your soul clap

The set was recorded live while playing warm up for Tomboy / Whomadewho / Pilooski from 10-12 PM and the intermezzo from 1.30 - 2.00 AM. Enjoy!
1. Craig Bratley - Birdshell

2. D-Pulse - Velocity of Love (Hot Toddy Remix)
3. Nicholas – Love Is
4. Vincenzo – Wanna Love You
5. Filipsson & Ulysses – Escape From New York
6. Erdbeerschnitzel - To An End
7. Bostro Pesopeo - Basic
8. Mathew Dear - Little People (Black City) [Mark E Remix]
9. Hannulelauri – Zombie Tropicana
10. Mario Basanov – Do You Remember (The Revenge Drama Mix)
11. Kaine feat. Kathy Diamond – Love Saves The Day (More Piano Instrumental)
12. Alex Douche - Noise From A Distance
13. Gold Panda - Marriage
14. Bostro pesopeo – Anantes (Contra Communem Opinonem Remix)
15. Ben Sun - Salty Tears
16. Johnny Paguro - Igadadadoo
17. Space Ranger - Superstring
18. Jacques Renault - Miranda
19. Nacho Marco - Delicate
20. Memoryman aka Uovo -Sleepless Disco Nights (Nicholas Remix)
21. Fernando - Blade Drummer
22. Fritz Zander - For Your Love
23. Mountain People 001 [Lexx Edit]
24. Cleo & Patra - Walk Like An Egyptian
25. Robert James - Sleep Moods
26. Lee Foss - U Got Me
27. Permanent Vacation - Zuckerhut (TBD Remix)
28. Lovebirds - Mandrill
29. Jay Shepheard - Pipes 'n' Sneakers
30. El Guincho - Bombay (catz'n'dogz edit)
31. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Baby ( Clock Opera remix )
32. Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (Psychemagik Remix)
33. Foals - Miami (Tim Fuchs Remix feat. Flight Facilities)
34. Disco Drunkards - Kookoo
35. Laidback - Baker Man (Soul Clap Edit)
36. Who Made Who - Keep Me In My Plane (Reverso 68 Remix)

Yosa interview

We went ahead and had a little chat with our friend from Japan, Yosa. Get to know him because he'll be visiting this side of the world, on tour, early next year.

SAS: Complete name, and place you are right now.
Y: My name is YOSA(Yosuke Kanda), based in Tokyo.

SAS: Where do your influences come from?
Y: All my influences are coming from black music, especially Jazz.
The classics like Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal etc.Esbjorn Svensson Trio
are quite recent artists but they have had a very big influence on me.

SAS: When did you get into electronic music making? What software do you use and why?
Y: I was a big fan of the mix which Timmy Regisford made for Shelter Club, and I sarted DJing when I was in high school. And after graduating from high school, I started making music by myself. I use ableton LIVE. It's the most flexible software I believe.

SAS: Do you play any instruments and if yes, when did you start playing?
Y: I’m not really a skilled instruments player, but thanks to the growth of technology, I’m rarely in trouble of musical stuff.

SAS: Got any hardware?
Y: Yes, I use Roland Fantom X. This is my first ever synthesizer but I still use it. Many hip hop producers use this, and also I saw Martinez Brothers use it on their video on youtube.

SAS: Where do you get inspiration from? How do you start a track?
Y: I get inspiration from all the stuff I see or hear. Music gives me inspiration of course, but also I get it from people, cities and food.
When I start a track, I program the rhythm first. I believe that a groovy rhythm is the most important thing about dance music, so I really care about it. I like organic groove tracks, so I also sample percussion from old records. It makes the track (a)live!

SAS: How's the underground scene in Tokyo?
Y: There is actually a good scene in Tokyo. But still, there are just a few artists who i really wish to be a part of world-wide scene. There are many talented Japanese artists, but most of them have been buried. I think Japanese artists should turn their eyes to the world more.

SAS: Who's your favorite recent producer and why?
Y: My all time hero is Henrik Schwarz. His productions have a very good balance between home-listening music and the dancy club tracks. In November, me and Henrik’s split 12inch will be out on Compost Black Label. It’s the remix EP for Marsmobil, but I’m really glad to be included in the release with him.
I listened to his remix yesterday, and it was amazing as always. And about my remix, I got the inspiration from the pop taste of Dixon’s mix “temporary secretary”. While I was making it, I imagined that Dixon played this in his mix.

SAS: What's your position on music fraud and blogging?
I think it depends on the artist's sense of value to music. If the artists really want to spread and share their music to the world, this situation is quiet good. I know most of the artists care about money, and some people say that's the way for professionals, but originally, we make music for fun, and to sympathize with people. So personally, if someone listens to my music and they are touched by it, it means more than money for me even if they don't pay for it.
I just want people who download music for free, to go to the gig if they like the artist's music.

SAS: What was peoples reaction to the first release you ever played out? What about your feeling?
Y: My first release was the track called “Desmond” on Coyu’s label Suara Rec when I was 19. I was so surprised that Steve Lawler played it in his essential mix for BBC, and the clubs all over the world. Since then, I’ve been releasing tracks constantly, and recently I’ve got a great reaction about my EP on Drumpoet Community.

Makam – You Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler Kaoz 623 Remix)

Morning Factory - Bouncing Moog

Acid Washed October 2010 Mix

1. Alain Goraguer "Conseil des Draags" (EMI)
2. The Glimmers present Disko Drunkards "Death of a genius largo 2" (DDCD)
3. PimO "Daywalker" (Unsigned)
4. Findlay Brown "Promised Land" - Acid Washed remix (Record Makers)
5. Shit Robot "Tuff Enuff" (DFA)
6. Aeroplane "My Enemy" (Wall OF Sound)
7. Acid Washed "Acid Washed" - Stuff Remix (Record Makers)
8. Munk "Down In L.A." - Shazam Remix (GOMMA)
9. Chromeo "Hot Mess" (Atlantic)
10. Sacha Di Manolo "Cannibal" - Panteros 666 Remix (Ekleroshock)
11. Heavy Feet "Music High" (Plant)
12. The Glass "Four Four Letter" (Plant) - Bad Decision Remix
13. The Groovers "Chicken Noodles" (Pack Up And Dance)


KiNK & Neville Watson - City 2 City

Erdbeerschnitzel - 360

Here Comes The Sound Part III

WhoMadeWho◆Tomboy◆Pilooski◆SAS - presented by Circus

El Guincho - Bombay (catz n dogz instrumental edit)

Come and get it!

Bostro Pesopeo - Basic

In love with this one!

Kelpe - Toy Castle


Examine - Major Minor

Wanna Love You - Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert

Kid Gloves – Bare Knuckle (In Flagranti Remix)


Alex Douche - Noise From A Distance

Das Moth - Moon & Wrong

Blaze - Lovelee Dae

John Daly - Reach

Fritz Zander - For Your Love

The Godson - Analog Love

Memoryman aka Uovo - Sleepless disco nights (Nicholas Rmx )

Johnny Paguro - Igadadadoo

One Hundred Times (Original) by Jansen Jardin Tokyo

The First Choice - Let no man put asunder - Frankie Knuckles

Serge Ponsar - Out In The Night (Extended Version)

Phill & Friends Band - This Man

Mick Wills @ Hipodrome 1 Year Anniversary

@ Flying Time Pub, Sibiu 15 Oct

@ Raum, Cluj 16 Oct

Sean Johnston - Live @ Summer Ekstraveganza

Ivan Smagghe - RA 228

Caribou - Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)

Anybody recognizes this track?

Acos CoolKAs @ Follow Me Studio

Permanent Vacation - Zuckerhut (TBD Remix)

Heard this one many months ago in Tim Sweeney's BIS best of 2009 mix and been constantly checking if it came out ever since. Now it's out and I can't wait to get a hold of it.

Nicholas - I Got It

Lord Of The Isles - We Were There (Dancin Freestyle)

Robert James - Sleep Moods

The Art Department - Without You

Optimo Live from Sunday Best on August 29, 2010


Ideal - Schöne Frau mit Geld (LoSoul Remix)

SAS - Straight Off The Bone

Space Ranger - Costa Verde

Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same (Social Disco Club Sexual Flashback Mix)

Chymera - Ghosts

Jay Shepheard - A Sopot Connection

NDF-Since We Last Met


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