Toomy Disco - Back From Cosmos

Even though i don't enjoy it like i used to, seems like facebook proves once more to be the utter space to bringing people together: tall, dark, green, asian and even nu disco lovers. Just ran across 21 year old Mariano Iliuta (aka Toomy Disco) from Argentina who delivers a fresh vintage sound that is definitely worth a listen! The track presented bellow, Back from Cosmos, is no exception. Big ups on this one, Marin!
His words: "Hi, my name is Mariano Iliuta (aka Toomy Disco), I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a 21 year old electronic music composer (beginning to mix at the same time). I still have a lot to learn about the configurations and possibilities that computer-assisted music offers even though I've been interested in composition for a few years now. The music that i write suggests both some exceptional electronic sounds and chords producing an emotional aspect. In a nutshell, my point is to create, to work sounds and share them with music lovers."
Also available for download is his 1976 EP here

Toomy Disco - Back From Cosmos (Original Mix) by Toomy Disco


Nicolás Martín said...

sounds fresh !!

holic said...

The track is out now on with remixes on beatport! :)

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